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 Coal Combustion Inc. is now offering online trainingCoal Quality and Combustion Classes - Training

Online Training        

What coal is this? - $499, Coal Quality class - good for describing why problems might develop, and how to use coal analyses:

How do I better deal with this coal? - $799, Coal Combustion class - Good for helping operations and maintenance understand why, how, and what to do to ensure good combustion:

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 Chapter 1: Coal Rank and Formation
Chapter 4: Using Coal Proximate Analyses
Upcoming Coal Combustion Ch 11-25
 Chapter 11: Introduction
Chapter 18: Coal Reactivity

Online Coal Quality Class

Online Coal Combustion Class

         On-Site Classes, Training Seminars

Please look for furture dates in 2021

Topic  Time Exam Basic Fee
Operator Training 3 days    Yes    $14,999
Coal Performance Engineering 2 days    Yes    $12,499
Coal Quality & Combustion 2 days    Yes    $12,499
Combined 3 day class 3 days    Yes    $14,999
Online Training Class - Coal Quality       Quiz    $499.00 
Online Training Class - Coal Quality       Quiz    $799.00 

Problem Solving Seminars

"I really like the way you approach this, from the mine all the way through the plant"
                                    -Coal Plant Production Supt-
CCI’s Problem Solving Seminars are useful for developing solutions for coal related problems where multiple corporate functions must agree on a course of action. Often there are differing perspectives among the various individuals or groups of people working to optimize results. One group may focus on material cost, others on labor, safety, reliability, or maintenance. Often the perspective of these individuals or groups will get in the way of finding the best solution for the organization. Gridlock and endless meetings are often the result.

CCI will facilitate meetings to move all parties towards making decisions to solve these problems. CCI will research the particular problem to find the concerns, advantages and disadvantages of the course of action proposed by each party including any non-confidential third party information available from our numerous industry contacts. After all information is gathered, CCI will facilitate a meeting where these findings will be presented to decision makers for each group, making certain that each party participates in the decision process. Usually, consensus on a course of action can be reached in one meeting.

The advantage of using CCI in the decision making process is that we will make certain that all parties are able to express their opinions and are listening to others. We bring into the process the experiences of others who have faced the same situations. Most importantly, however, we are impartial facilitators with no pre-existing bias to a particular solution. When parties see us working to help find the best solution they are often more willing to drop their “agenda” and work toward a common solution. By making certain that all relevant information is available, and all concerned are in the proper frame of mind, we help you make better decisions in a shorter period of time.


 2021 Rates 

Comments from Class Attendees:

"Learned more about Coal than I have in 42 years."

"Better understanding of what to do to manage slags"

"Class helped me learn a lot and corrected some of my misconceptions."  

Custom Classes

Do you need a class to meet your plant's needs?  Contact us and we will design a custom class for you.