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Coal Quality Evaluation Model - COALXL

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Coal Quality Impact on Plant Performance Calculations

If you are involved with coal fired boilers it is important to understand fuel quality impacts on your plant.  Our COAL XL model is an Excel spreadsheet where most all of the fundamental coal quality calculations are performed.

These include:

·         Slagging and Fouling Factors

·         Boiler Efficiency and Net Heating Value

·         Air requirements and Gas compositions

·         Pulverizer Capacity

·         Reactivity and Spontaneous Combustion Factors

·         Environmental Impacts

COAL XL also provides cost of utilization for differing quality of coals using a simplified cost differential model.

All results can be viewed graphically so easy comparisons can be made.  See Example Charts Above

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Example Charts

Coal Calculations

Adv. Coal Calculations

Boiler Efficiency

Lbs Fe2O3/MBTU


Slag Evalutaion

Coal Evaluation

Coal Performance